Film Festival

Schedule 2022

Marata 31, The «Headquarters» space (entrance to the arch and to the right), St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

(press 31 on the intercom)

Film screenings are free!


March 16

7 p.m. — Documentary Films

(Traveling with many children, Special status of strong people (project #Icare), I hear you, Cyborgs with limitless possibilities, Happiness without limits)


March 17

7 p.m. — Animation films, Music Videos

(Бо и монстр Трэш, SKAZ: Sirin’s Song, Fly attack, Cypriot fairy tale, Tajikistan_rus, EXPECTATION, Children of stone jungle, Shigir tale, CANYON — Stay, The Tale of Two Mice)


March 18

4 p.m. — Short films

(The History of the Trackman, Kikimora, Swings, Where the wind takes, Hibernate)


March 19

4 p.m. — Short films

(Me and Mom, The call, Suitcase, The doll, Concert for Mitya)