Daria German, actress, director, screenwriter, producer.

Danny Drysdale, director, producer, music video director.

Daria German was born in Vladivostok. Graduated from music school, she formed her own music group and started touring being at the same time a member of  Vladivostok KVN team. In 2005 Daria moved to Saint-Petersburg where she began to act in music videos, TV series, films and musicals, and also worked as a radio host. In 2014 Daria German, a High School of Cinema and Television graduate, landed her first role in a feature film in Hollywood where nowadays she has a developing career as a director, screenwriter and producer. As a Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double Daria took part in filming a Hollywood SONY blockbuster.

Daria won numerous awards at international film festivals as a director, scenario writer and actress.

She is an active member of charity organizations and the International Organization WOMEN IN FILM.

Danny started making music videos in 2001. He worked with the Killers. The video “Human” received the “Music Video of the Year” award from the Rolling Stone magazine, MTV and the International Platinum Award. Since then, he has worked with the several projects, such as Imagine Dragons, IAMX, Cursive, Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode), Vanilla Ice and others. Danny Drysdale works with more than 30 countries.

Danny made an exclusive documentary “Cold Wars”. He also made a documentary about the band Mumiy Troll. In addition to that, as a producer, director and actor Danny worked on several films more.

Renat Gonibov, art director

Nikolay Kozhevnikov, sound producer

Renat Gonibov began his film career working as a decorator («Hotel Eleon», «Londongrad. Know our people», «Territory», «A delivery guy», «Pechorin», «Reverse motion» and many others). As an art director Renat is known for his work in such films as «Duhless» 2, «Corrections Class», «Love», «Bloodhound» 2, «No Place for Weak Men», and others. Nikolay worked as a sound producer on films participated in various film festivals and received awards: «A Stop» (2016) — Diploma Piterkit «For best  Direction» 2016; «the Path of Inspiration» (2016) — premiere at the Venice film festival, a noncompetition film; «the Last Antonov’s  Mystery», documentary (2017) — diploma “For the best Documentary” at the III international film festival ATK; «Yushka»(2018)- a participant of more than 40 film festivals in more than 30 countries, the winner of 14 awards, including several Grand Prix.